River Valley Farms Western Kentucky - Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey Hunting and Other Hunting Rates & Dates

Youth Hunting Package

Youth Whitetail Rifle Hunts - October & December

2 Day Hunt $1300

Youth Spring Turkey Hunt

2 Day Hunt $1000

River Valley Farms Refund Policy: As a rule, deposits and payments are non-refundable. However, if cancellation notice is provided in a timely manner and RVF is able to book the same hunt with another client, a partial refund may be provided. Partial refunds are not guaranteed and are only issued at the full discretion of RVF.

Predator, Small Game, Trapping, and Bow Fishing Packages

​2 1/2 Day Predator or Trapping Hunt $1000

2 1/2 Day Small Game Hunt $1000

6 hour bowfishing trip for 2 people $400

Whitetail Hunts Packages

Bow Season

5 Day Bow Hunt $2000

3 Day Bow Hunt $1800

Rifle Season

5 Day Rifle hunt $2400

4 Day Rifle Hunt 2200

3 Day Rifle Hunt $2000

​Muzzle Loader Season

2 Day (October) Hunt $1300

5 Day December Hunt $1800

3 Day December Hunt $1500

River Valley Farms Booking Policy: 1/3 of balance is due within 7 days as a deposit. 1/3 of balance is due June 1 of your hunt year. The remaining 1/3 is due upon arrival at camp.

Hunts booked after June 1st - 1/2 of balance is due within 7 days of booking as a deposit. The remaining balance is due upon arrival at camp.

DIY Hotel Hunts available: We have managed properties that are set up and ready to hunt. Spots are very limited and on a first come first serve basis. Please call for pricing and details....

Turkey Hunting Packages

Spring Hunts

3 Day Turkey Hunt $1000